Terrorist content online: eco signs open letter

After a long break, representatives of the institutions met on Thursday to resume the trialogue negotiations on the regulation on online terrorist content. Two internal documents were published shortly before. From the so-called 4-column document and a last status report of the Council, it follows that the Council and the Commission are in favour of mandatory upload filters, without exceptions for e.g. journalistic content. On the occasion of the resumption of negotiations, numerous associations, including eco, have addressed an open letter to the participating institutions.

Not surprisingly, there was no breakthrough in the trialogue discussions. Parliament is sticking to its position and the Council has not come up with “new ideas”, reported Politico (paywall). The next trialogue is scheduled for 29 October, “but it is unlikely to lead to an agreement unless the Council makes compromises,” Politico quotes an EU official as saying.

“The Internet was built for this”