New gTLDs Statistics from eco: For the First Time in Germany, Comprehensive Daily Overview

eco – Association of the German Internet Industry e. V. presents new website on the occasion of this year’s Domain Pulse on 26 and 27 February 2015 in Berlin

A premiere for Germany: At https://numbers.eco.de/gtlds-figures-trends.html, there is now an overview, updated daily, of the growth in the new gTLDs, with explanations and background information in German and English. eco – Association of the German Internet Industry e. V. is presenting the website on the occasion of this year’s Domain Pulse on 26 and 27 February 2015 in Berlin. The largest Internet industry association in Europe ensures real-time results through regularly updated figures. The website recorded the total number of registrations in mid-February 2015, for example, at the all-time high of nearly 4.3m new gTLDs.

Unique in Germany and Europe

According to Attorney Thomas Rickert, Director of Names & Numbers at eco, this service is unique in Germany: “There are already similar services in foreign languages, but our site is unique in its form in Germany and Europe. An important component will be additional blog posts which provide understandable explanations and background information on the occurances relating to the data. “We are able to make events in the market directly visible. Certain changes in registration behaviour can be traced back to their cause. For example, the dramatic rise in registrations for .berlin can be attributed to, among other things, an advertising campaign with free registrations,” the Director of Names & Numbers added.

Comparisons allow conclusions to be drawn

On the new site, which was developed under the leadership of Rickert, not only is the total number of registrations depicted, but also overviews of the newest registrations and deletions, and the Top 10 of the new gTLD registrations. For this, established gTLDs (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, etc.) were compared to the new gTLDs that have been delegated since 2012 (.xyz, .club, .wang, etc.). The performance from Day 0 of the general availability of an ending is also of particular interest. This is analyzed for both the new international and national gTLDs. The gTLDs are further differentiated as generic (.xyz, .onl) or geographic (.nyc, .berlin). “Other data sources compare the absolute registration numbers of each respective ending, regardless of the starting date. We line up the national and international start phases directly, so that it can immediately be seen how successful each Domain was in the important start phase, in comparison with other relevant endings,” says Rickert.