Interview with EuroCloud Native Member: Cloud Mates

Maurice Kemmann, Founder and Managing Director of Cloud Mates GmbH

What was it that made you decide to become a member of EuroCloud Native? How should the initiative ideally support you?

Cloud-native companies such as ours at Cloud Mates are in a relatively new market. The EuroCloud Native initiative is a perfect match for our own concept. The public cloud sector is dominated by hyperscalers and, as a relatively small company, we hope to have our interests represented – to gain more visibility with the hyperscalers.

How are you getting involved in the Cloud Native initiative?

What’s very practical is the fact that Thomas Noglik, one of the managing directors of Cloud Mates, is actively involved on the initiative’s board. In addition, as a cloud migration partner geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises, we are keen on dialogue and exchange and are prepared to drive these issues forward.

What is it that makes your firm a cloud-native company?

Stemming originally from the classic hosting business, we are convinced of the merit of the public cloud concept, meaning that we as a company are actually now “cloud only”. Leaving aside all the technology, this is simply the strategy that we embrace: transformation, especially in the SME sector.

Why does Germany need EuroCloud Native?

We’re looking at two target groups: Firstly, interest representation of the cloud-native companies among the hyperscalers. Second, customers – especially small and medium-sized enterprises, who are the engine of our economy – are lagging behind in international comparison. Information and ideas for discussion are important here – that is, having EuroCloud Native as a forum for information and dialogue.


Maurice Kemmann