ICANN77 Readout on Highlights and Insights from the Policy Forum in Washington D.C.

The ICANN77 Policy Forum was recently hosted in the city of Washington D.C. United States and took place from 12 to 15 June 2023. Which topics were under discussion and what insights emerged? This was covered at the subsequent ICANN77 Readout, hosted by eco – Association of the Internet Industry and ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

What were the highlights and key takeaways from the ICANN77 on-site event in Washington D.C.? At the ICANN77 Readout on 12 July, speakers from various sectors of the ICANN community provided an overview. The session was moderated by Lars Steffen, Director eco International. The readout was co-hosted by Christopher Mondini, Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement & Managing Director from Europe ICANN Org, and Thomas Rickert, Director Names & Numbers at eco Association.

Christopher Mondini commenced the readout by providing an initial overview of the recent ICANN77 Policy Forum held in Washington D.C. In total, 1,700 people from 108 countries attended the Washington meeting, with 1,100 attending in-person and a further 600 online. Mondini highlighted the meeting’s focus on direct policy work, rather than ceremonial aspects. Mondini concluded by expressing his excitement for the upcoming presentations by community leaders and his availability for questions and additional information.

Key panellists’ insights from Washington D.C.

Following Christopher Mondini’s overview, each of the panellists provided summaries of their key takeaways from the Washington DC forum. For example, Jordan Carter, Vice Chair (Asia Pacific) of the ccNSO Council, highlighted the progress of the ccNSO PDPs, focusing on ccTLD retirement and appeals mechanisms, IDN ccTLDs and the DNS Abuse Standing Committee. Sebastien Ducos, Chair of the GNSO Council, discussed the collaborative efforts between ccNSO and GNSO, covering IDN PDP, SubPro, DNS abuse, RDAP and RDRS. Rudy Nolde, representing the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), shared the GAC’s advice on SubPro, contract amendments, closed generics and combating DNS abuse. Philippe Fouquart, Chair of the ISPCP, provided an update on ISPCP activities, including policy development and technical collaboration. Joanna Kulesza, representing the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC), highlighted ALAC’s involvement in policy development and collaboration with other communities.

In wrapping up the readout, Thomas Rickert encouraged public engagement in comment periods and announced preparations for ICANN78 in Hamburg, including an event dedicated to NIS2.

The complete readout summary is available for download here.

Here you can get to watch the video of the full ICANN77 readout.

eco at the ICANN77 Policy Forum in Washington, D.C.