Global Domain Report 2024: Interview with Christian Voss & Simone Catania

How is the domain industry changing? Simone Catania, Global Content & Communications Manager at InterNetX and Christian Voss, CMO at Sedo will present the results of the Global Domain Report 2024 first-hand on 17 April. In an interview, they give an outlook on what participants can expect:

Christian, Simone, how did the domain market develop in 2023?
Christian VoĂź: In 2023, the domain market experienced steady growth with an increasing demand for premium .com domain names and a rise in domain sales with country code extensions and new domain extensions.
Simone Catania: In 2023, the domain market experienced shifts mirroring global business dynamics and economic changes. Despite these challenges, the industry remained resilient, achieving growth of +2.5% in domain registrations.

What were the highlights or surprises?
Simone Catania: In 2023, the domain industry saw surprising events such as Google’s withdrawal from the domain business and remarkable growth for tech and ecommerce-related TLDs. Attending ICANN78 in Hamburg was a personal highlight, offering unique insights and amazing connections within the industry.
Christian VoĂź: Highlights included an unexpectedly high level of interest in niche categories such as AI and Cannabis related domains.

What role does artificial intelligence play for the domain market?
Simone Catania: AI plays a crucial role in the domain market by streamlining domain name generation, valuation and management operations. It enhances security measures and provides comprehensive, data-driven insights for better decision-making.
Christian VoĂź: Artificial intelligence can have a significant impact on the domain market by offering personalized domain suggestions, price suggestions, and automated domain management tasks for companies and domain investors, just to name a few.

Christian, Simone, thank you for the interview!

Join eco – Association of the Internet Industry, on Wednesday 17 April at 17:00 PM CEST (15:00 PM UTC / 11:00 AM EDT) for an enlightening webinar that ventures into the ever-changing landscape of the domain industry. Gain invaluable insights directly from the domain experts at InterNetX and Sedo.

Global Domain Report 2024: Interview with Christian Voss & Simone Catania 2