EuroCloud Native Member Interview: Cloud Incubator

Why did you become a member of EuroCloud Native?  How should the initiative ideally support you? 

We always wanted to see what it’s like in the backrooms of the decision-makers … 

How are you involved in the cloud initiative? 

We offer a unique perspective and the persistence to pursue it.

What makes your company a cloud native company? 

This is already in our boilerplate “Cloud Incubator – IT Service Management from the Cloud for the Cloud” and is lived out through the consistent application of managed cloud services, with no ERP and no fixed office.

What are the three most important goals that the initiative should pursue for you? 

Initially, the most important goal is to accelerate digitalisation by reducing fears and uncertainties concerning the use of cloud structures. This is done, above all, by public sector clients picking up speed in this area. 

Then, ignite afterburners by addressing AI and machine learning and demonstrating their practical use 

We also aim to become more and more secure by always having information security on board in everything and always addressing it. 

EuroCloud Native Members Interview: Cloud Incubator