EuroCloud Native Member in Interview: Gecko mbH – A Member of the Release42 Group

Why did you become a member of EuroCloud Native? How should the initiative ideally support you?

We were about to become a member of the eco Association or EuroCloud anyway, so of course it was a perfect fit. For us as a cloud native company, the ECN offers the perfect industry platform to effectively represent both ourselves and our market segment to the outside world.

How are you involved in the cloud initiative?

We would be very happy to get involved in future formats, e.g., through exciting webinars as well as by participating in events and activities. In addition, we seek contact with the other members in order to learn from each other but also to be able to expand our portfolio in a meaningful way in client situations.

What makes your company a cloud-native company?

Since our establishment, our focus has been on the development of individual software projects, application modernisation and the digitalisation of business processes. In this regard, we naturally work with the latest technologies, use native services and work in a fundamentally platform-agnostic way, whereby in this context the share of hyperscalers is growing at a strongly disproportionate rate.

 Why does Germany need a cloud initiative like the ECN?

The keys to the digitalisation of German SMEs clearly lie at the application and data level, the integration of numerous interfaces and the use of the trending technologies. The digitalisation of business processes and the extremely strong growth of the segment of data analysis, IoT, AI and ML are further topics for which cloud native companies in particular have successfully positioned themselves. However, we are basically different from the traditional IT companies. In order to bring this fact to the attention of the public, the media and the industry community, a strong common voice is needed.

EuroCloud Native Member in Interview: Gecko mbH – A Member of the Release42 Group