EuroCloud Native-Alliance Partner Interview: adesso as a Service

Why do you support EuroCloud Native (ECN) as an alliance partner?

In a nutshell: Experience. Exchange. Support. Design.

These are all of the aspects that we would like to see from our partners in the ECN initiative, and these are also the features that we, as “adesso as a service GmbH” want to incorporate into our new partnership. Because our company name says it all: We are the managed service provider within the adesso Group and, as such, unequivocally contribute another facet to ECN’s wealth of experience. Our customers receive individual consulting and software development services from the adesso Group, which are complemented by our individual infrastructure and platform operation services. Our portfolio is designed to meet the challenges of multi-layered and complex IT landscapes and integrates public, private and hybrid cloud approaches with tailored managed services as well as security and compliance services.

There is no doubt that we will find exciting and meaningful points of contact within the ECN.

How have you specialised and positioned yourselves as providers for the cloud native market?

What our customers can expect from us and our parent company, adesso SE, is not only consultation on various cloud approaches (public/private/hybrid/multi) and (cloud native) software development, but also the secure operation of applications as a fully managed service.

We offer modern and secure managed cloud solutions – across all industries. In cooperation with adesso SE, we provide our customers with everything from a single source and do so in a vendor-neutral and manufacturer-independent manner.

What do you bring into the initiative for ECN members?

We intend to contribute our experience from numerous managed service projects, from presales and T&T to service and operations management. In addition, our partners benefit from our many years of experience in regulated industries, and here – as with all other topics – we will be an interesting and an interested sparring partner for the other members.

Why does Germany need a cloud initiative like the ECN?

The demands on us as a managed service provider are increasing, driven by constantly new use cases on the customer side and by the enormous creativity and development speed of the hyperscalers. And in my view, that’s where an initiative like the ECN comes in: Experience. Exchange. Support. Design.

EuroCloud Native-Alliance Partner Interview: adesso as a Service