EU Commission Aims to Strengthen Sustainable Digitalisation on the Strength of the Industrial Strategy

On 5 May, the EU Commission presented an update on the European Industrial Strategy published last year, which aims, among other things, to accelerate the transition to greater levels of digitalisation and sustainability in companies. Furthermore, with the strategy update, the Commission addresses important fields of action to strengthen the innovations and competitiveness of the European industry, to reduce possible impairments due to international dependencies, and to ensure the functioning of the European Single Market. In the agreed monitoring process to assess strategic dependencies, the digital industry is rightly defined as a relevant ecosystem of the European Single Market.

From eco’s point of view, these insights must be used in the future to create strategic decisions and, based on them, reliable regulatory frameworks to strengthen resilience. The Internet industry can confirm that there are dependencies on international players, especially in the fields of semiconductors, cloud and cutting-edge technologies. The development of alliances, partnerships and multi-country projects planned with the strategy update can form an effective basis for jointly addressing the identified dependencies.

Furthermore, eco and the Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures in Germany, which was founded under the umbrella of the association, have always been committed to the expansion of future-oriented, sustainable (cloud infrastructures), which is now also envisaged in the European Industrial Strategy.

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