ePrivacy: eco Signs Open Letter

In an open letter to German ministries published on 1 June, 14 industry and trade associations once again urged politicians engaged in the ongoing negotiations for a modernized ePrivacy Regulation to advocate for a balanced, competitive, innovative, and practical regulation. Prior to this, the broad alliance comprised of industry associations from throughout Europe had already addressed the European Council and critically reviewed the discussions on the ePrivacy Regulation.

eco agrees with the criticism voiced in the open letter, namely that the ePrivacy Regulation goes too far and is too non-specific, and that it at the same time places demands which are too high on providers of electronic communication. Parts of the regulation also conflict with the General Data Protection Regulation that has been in force in all EU Member States since 25 May, the requirements of which are currently causing a great deal of insecurity.

eco is of the view that the ePrivacy Regulation will jeopardize the successful operation of digital services and regards the conditions and clauses laid down in the regulation, in particular in the parliamentary resolution, as generating uncertainty.

ePrivacy: eco Signs Open Letter
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