eco: “Policy-Makers Must Promote Societal Acceptance to Bring AI Technologies to Life”

Worldwide, artificial intelligence (AI) is the uppermost digitalization topic of the future, and is one with which policy-makers must also get to grips with on a consistent basis. The new AI technologies, the rapid pace of their development, and the handling of sensitive data are all presenting new questions and challenges. eco – Association of the Internet Industry is driving forward the political dialogue on the responsible handling of data for new innovative AI business models.

Study Commission on AI: Data protection and security standards will determine the success of AI

Today, with its Study Commission on AI, the German Bundestag is broaching one of the central debates of our time, “Artificial Intelligence – societal responsibility and economic, societal and ecological potentials”. One of the experts contributing to this debate is eco Chair of the Board Oliver J. Süme. During the hearing, eco will explain why data protection and security standards in particular will determine whether artificial intelligence will have a positive impact on the further development of society in the future: “The challenge of a responsible data policy is to meet the high requirements of data protection on the one hand, and to provide a comprehensive and high-quality database on the other. To do this, we need an innovation-friendly legal framework that allows for data processing in line with the General Data Protection Regulation. This is the only way to bring AI to life,” says Süme.

Show courage and harness the massive economic potential of AI

From large corporations to SMEs, artificial intelligence in Germany offers a total potential of around 488 billion Euros. If AI is used nationally across the board, a growth of over 13 percent in GDP can realistically be expected by 2025. This is the finding of a joint study conducted by eco – Association and Arthur D. Little, with the support of the Vodafone Institute: a study which for the first time examines – on the basis of 150 use cases – what specific effects AI can be expected to bring for companies in Germany,

“AI as a digital technology offers countless possibilities and innovation potential. So far, we have only tapped into a fraction of this potential. Academia, business, politics, and civil society must assume more joint digital responsibility and at the same time show much more courage. Only in this way can digital transformation lead to success and benefits for all,” states Süme.

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