eco Initiative topDNS Is Partner of the Nordic Domain Days (NDD)

On 9 and 10 May 2022, registries, registrars, resellers, service providers and investors from the domain industry will come together in Stockholm for the Nordic Domain Days 2022. The eco initiative topDNS is a partner of the conference and is involved in the programme in several respects: Thomas Rickert Director of the Names & Numbers Forum at the eco Association will give a presentation entitled “topDNS – An Initiative to fight DNS abuse” on 9 May. He will explain the current status and the next steps of the initiative launched at the beginning of the year to the attending industry experts. The primary goal of topDNS is to ensure stable and secure operation of the Domain Name System (DNS), to promote existing activities to be able to fight DNS abuse, and to educate on what measures are effective and appropriate.

On the second day, topDNS and iQ Global invite you to the DNS Abuse workshop starting at 13:30. Throughout the afternoon, participants will gain practical insight into improving their own engagement with and mitigation of DNS abuse. The participants will also discuss the roles and responsibilities of various intermediaries in addition to the different definitions of DNS abuse. What proactive and reactive measures are available to individual market participants? It is planned to summarize the workshop outcomes as “The Stockholm Recommendations”. Keynote speeches will be given by renowned representatives of the industry, such as Keith Drazek from Verisign, Graeme Bunton from the DNS Abuse Insititute, Prudence Malinki from Clarivate, Theo Geurts from Realtime Register, Hans Seeuws from EURid and many more.

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eco Initiative topDNS Is Partner of the Nordic Domain Days (NDD)