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Gaia-X will contribute to more innovation in Europe. The goal of Gaia-X is the conception of a federated data infrastructure with a focus on data sovereignty and data availability, based on European standards and values. Gaia-X is also an important project for our association: In cooperation with partners, we’ve taken on the specification of the Gaia-X Federation Services. The first round of specifications is already completed, as you can read in our News section below.

In addition, Harald Summa, CEO of eco and also of DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange, is elected to the Gaia-X Board of Directors. In our section Event #Throwback you can also rewatch the GAIA-X Summit Round 2 to get an Update of the project.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled for 26 September in Germany. As a result, there will be a new federal government. In our new section, The Vote for Digital, we keep you updated on how Germany’s total population feels about strategic digital policy issues. The current situation is very sobering: Around 97 percent of all German citizens are dissatisfied with digital policy in the fields of digital education and public administration. Sven Ursinus, Director of Government Affairs at Huawei Germany, reveals why the next German federal government should put the expansion of digital education at the top of its digital agenda.

A recent study shows that implementing digital education tools in secondary schools can improve student’s mathematical skills. Especially for low-achieving students the interactive learning materials on a tablet show a difference in performance: These children have a 20 % probability of giving the correct answer for mathematical problems. Our No. of the Month.

eco european