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This week, the committees’ agendas in the European Parliament included discussions and votes on the DSA and the DMA. The German Federal Minister of Justice, Christine Lambrecht (S&D), and the Danish Minister of Trade, Simon Kollerup (S&D), have published a joint open letter on the DSA. In the letter, they once again advocate that Member States be allowed to set stricter rules for online platforms, owing to the lack of deadlines for removal in the DSA.

Meanwhile, the work in the Internal Market Committee (IMCO) is proceeding. After Articles 1 to 19 had already been revealed, a new leak now shows the direction in which Articles 20 to 23 are developing. All signs suggest a further tightening of the rules. Read all about the latest developments in The View from Brussels.

Alexandra Geese is responsible for the IMCO report on the DSA for the Greens/EFA parliamentary group. In our new section Parliamentary View, she talks about the opportunities and possibilities the DSA offers the EU’s Digital Single Market and for European businesses. We also asked Geese about her point of view on the EU Commission’s current proposals on AI. Read more below.

After an exciting election in Germany, the quest for the next German government has started. Both the SPD and the CDU/CSU have a calculated chance of forming a coalition with the Greens and the FDP. The latter two have already announced coordination talks to strengthen their own negotiating position.

Before the German Bundestag elections, we saw strong fluctuations in voters’ assessments in recent months. This is shown by the Internet Policy Election Barometer, which the eco Association developed together with the market opinion research institute Civey. Read more in our Section The Vote for Digital on how highly voters rate the parties’ competencies in the field of digital transformation and what the Internet Industry can expect from the new legislative term.

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