eco Association and Identity Valley Launch Cooperation for Digitalisation with Responsibility

Development of a Digital Responsibility Guide for Gaia-X as first project objective

Trust is the key to successful digitalisation. eco – Association of the Internet Industry has been advocating digitalisation with responsibility and in accordance with social values and standards for over 25 years. In order to push this commitment further in the future, eco is cooperating with the non-profit organisation Identity Valley. This was announced today by both organisations at the signing of the cooperation agreement at the BMW Foundation Herbert Quand’s Responsible Leaders Dialogue in Berlin.

“Trust in digital technologies and their applications is a prerequisite for their acceptance and a successful digital transformation. On the one hand, this requires technologies and services that are legally impeccable. At the same time, the industry must be guided by social values when dealing with digital technologies – which are always dual-use technologies – and prevent abuse,” says eco’s Managing Director Alexander Rabe.

A first concrete cooperation project will be the joint development of a guideline as well as a metric for the definition and measurability of digital responsibility for the European data infrastructure project Gaia-X based on the seven Digital Responsibility Goals defined by Identity Valley: “Defining digital responsibility in Europe and bringing design-relevant stakeholders to the table for this is an important task. We are working together with eco to ensure that this responsibility is reflected in Gaia-X,” explains Jutta Juliane Meier, Managing Director of Identity Valley.

In concrete terms, this will involve the alignment of the value proposition to build sovereign data ecosystems according to European values and standards. Identity Valley’s Digital Responsibility Goals document the current state of Gaia-X implementation. Subsequently, recommendations for action for the design of the project with reference to digital responsibility will then be derived.

eco Association and Identity Valley Launch Cooperation for Digitalisation with Responsibility