Digital Identities: eco Publishes Position Paper on a Uniform EU-Wide Legal Framework

More and more services are shifting from the analogue to the digital world. In order for users to be able to use online services with confidence, regardless of whether they are provided by public or private providers, a secure and Europe-wide standardised solution for authentication is needed.

The eIDAS Regulation of 2014 created a uniform EU-wide legal framework for electronic trust services and identities. eco supports the EU Commission’s initiative for uniform digital identities across Europe as an important step towards creating a single digital market in the EU. At the same time, however, eco also points out that the private sector must be significantly involved and integrated in order to achieve not only a high level of dissemination, but also a high level of acceptance of the EUid in business and among citizens.

eco has formulated this in key points and points out in this paper the essential points to be considered in the new eIDAS Regulation.

Download “Position paper on the European Commission’s draft amending Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 as regards establishing a framework for a European Digital Identity“.

Digital Identities: eco Publishes Poition paper on a uniform EU-wide legal framework 1