Developing GAIA-X’s Federated Services – Podcast with Andreas Weiss

Andreas Weiss on Uptime Punks Podcast – offering an update on the GAIA-X project

Andreas explains that GAIA-X is being over-interpreted as “the European Cloud” or “the European Hyperscaler”. Rather, GAIA-X was conceptualised as a federated data infrastructure with a focus on data sovereignty and data availability based on European standards and values, in order to promote innovation in Europe. The drive currently, he says, is to build up a trusted ecosystem – it’s about understanding how to deal with data, how to monetise data, and how to be part of the value network within Europe.

Andreas explains some of the challenges involved in developing a common understanding and mutual approach to compliance, data sovereignty, technologies, identities, and the facilitation of the interaction between the infrastructure ecosystem and the data ecosystem – which together will form the basis of GAIA-X’s federated services. The eco Association is tasked with coordinating activities for the development of the federated services over the next two years.

Listen to Andreas’ full interview on the Uptime Punks podcast here.

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Andreas Weiss