Data Center Expert Summit: 3 Questions for Severin Braun, PlusServer

How can the Internet industry implement climate targets in a timely manner? This is a subject we talked about with Severin Braun, CIO of PlusServer GmbH, who will be a member of the “Sustainability Goals 2027/30” panel at the Data Center Expert Summit on 8-9 June 2022.

Mr Braun, how can climate-neutral digitalisation succeed?
Keywords here are energy-efficient data centres with optimised cooling, the use of renewable energies, or sustainability standards in the supply chain. The cloud can also help with sustainable and climate-neutral digitalisation, as it makes processes simpler and more flexible. In my session at the Data Center Expert Summit, I will explain how companies can make their existing data centres more sustainable.

How do you support SMEs in this respect?
Anyone who dares to take the step into the cloud can not only work more efficiently but also replace outdated technologies that stand in the way of climate-neutral digitalisation. We help SMEs find the right cloud solution needed for profitable digital value creation. We also support our clients in an advisory capacity when it comes to the energy optimisation of older structures or their complete or partial replacement. Apart from using our storage capacities for their data, customers can also place their own servers in our data centres. We take care of the energy consumption and cooling of the machines using emission-reducing measures.

What does the industry need to achieve its sustainability goals?
Data centres consume energy, but at the same time they are the backbone of digitalisation and the economy. The long-term switch to green energies is a must, as shown by the current strong fluctuations in energy prices. Individual companies can also play a role in integrating energy-saving systems and IT components, as well as optimising the cooling. As things stand, we have more established data centres in Germany than newly-built centres – so optimising them for more sustainable operation is the first step towards achieving the sustainability goals. After all, even an old data centre can become more climate-neutral with the help of the right technological approaches.

Mr Braun, thank you very much for the interview!

Data Center Expert Summit: 3 Questions for Severin Braun, PlusServer