An Interview with EuroCloud Native Member: cloudSME UG

Andreas Ocklenburg, CEO at cloudSME UG.

What was it that made you decide to become a member of EuroCloud Native? How should the initiative ideally support you?

The initiative is designed to promote the expansion and stronger networking of cloud native players in the DACH region, for example through regular industry meetings and the development of cloud standards. The initiative is set to constitute a central pool for well-founded information from the cloud native sector.

How are you getting involved in the Cloud Native initiative?

We’re looking forward to being actively involved in the Cloud Native initiative as an innovator and pioneering adapter of cloud technologies (for example, on the strength of talks and publications), and to openly and sustainably strengthening the solidarity of the DACH cloud providers.

What is it that makes your firm a Cloud Native company?

Flexibility in the cloud is a reality. Together with our European research advisory panel, since 2013 we’ve been actively supporting the development of GDPR-compliant and provider-independent cloud technologies, platforms and cloud native apps. We support the open- source MiCADOscale solution (Cloud and Container Engine for Kubernetes), the MiCADOCommunity, and the further development of the engine. Whether its AWS, GC, regional or local cloud – we grant our partners the greatest possible flexibility.

How can EuroCloud Native boost industry awareness?

EuroCloud Native can support industry awareness through active collaboration and education of entrepreneurs in the areas of data protection, digital sovereignty, and IT security, in order to continuously improve an overall understanding (biases, benefits and risks) of Cloud Native solutions.

An Interview with EuroCloud Native Member: cloudSME UG