5 Questions for Jörg Hesselink, DC Smarter

With DC Smarter, founder and CEO Jörg Hesselink ensures that service technicians in the data centre receive more important information and recommendations even more efficiently – at the right time and in the right place.

Could you please give us a brief introduction to your company DC Smarter?
Data Center Smarter is a German startup offering innovative IT services and solutions for the data centre industry. We optimise the workflows of service technicians with our DC Vision® software through the use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Which digitalisation topics are particularly important to you?
Digitalisation will continue to change the way people work. That’s why we’re looking at how service technicians can receive more relevant information and recommendations more efficiently, at the right time, in the right place, 100% digitally and without distraction, right in their field of vision.

What are the special challenges of your industry at the moment, and how are you working on them?
Our biggest challenges are, on the one hand, the acceptance and use of augmented reality solutions in the data centre and telecommunications industry. On the other hand, there is the issue of document management, specifically its accuracy and completeness. It is precisely for these reasons that we enter into strategic partnerships with leading solution providers to improve this through our software solution. With our customer-centric software development team, we focus on our customers’ concerns when developing our products.

How do you expect your membership in the eco Association to support you in this regard?
With our membership in the eco Association, we hope to reach out, find ideas and implement exciting and future-oriented projects together with other members of the eco Association.

What opportunities does digitalisation offer us in the future?
Flexibility in terms of working hours and location, increased efficiency and relief, such as through the automation of routine tasks, as well as improved communication and collaboration. It will bring people from all over the world, all cultures and all languages closer together and promote closer interconnection and cooperation.

Jörg Hesselink, Technologist | Founder | CEO
After 28 years of international experience in IT management in large companies, the time has come for me to deal with innovative and disruptive technologies.


Jörg Hesselink