equada GmbH

equada GmbH
equada GmbH
Am Neuen Berg 3
63755 Alzenau
Tel: +49 (6023) 967410
Fax: +49 (6023) 9674111
equada GmbH is a German cloud and VoIP service provider with offices in Alzenau close to Aschaffenburg and Siegen. Operating across Germany, equada supports businesses and IT service providers with modern and efficient business telephone services and IaaS solutions. The company‘s range of products includes cloud telephony, VoIP trunking, cloud server solutions as well as location encryption. Among SME businesses, in particular, equada is renowned for its know-how when communicating with IT service partners and customers as well as for its reliable project support, which continues even after a project is completed. equada’s infrastructure is independently operated in ISO270001-certified data centers which are distributed across several locations in Germany to avoid downtimes. A dedicated fiber optic ring between the data centers guarantees high performance and a secure data exchange. Customized services together with a certified quality management complete equada’s portfolio.   equada’s range of products at a glance:
  • Hosted-PBX: Cloud-based telephone system
  • VoIP Trunk: The IP connection for your phone system
  • IaaS - Virtual Datacenter: Data center in the cloud
  • managedWebserver in the cloud
  • Cloudgateway: Out-of-the-box location encryption
  • DataCloud: Your hard drive in the cloud
  What to expect from equada
  • Customized services & certified quality management
  • Maximum security
  • Data protection according to German regulations
  • Independently operated systems you can trust