DC Smarter

DC Smarter
DC Smarter
Vincent-van-Gogh-Strasse 13
66564 Ottweiler
Tel: +49 6824 5074900
Powered by Augmented Reality, Digital Twin and AI engine, DC Smarter is the start-up that brings the most innovative solution to alleviate Data Center Pain Points. DC Smarter can help you reduce costly outages caused by human error and improve asset utilization by leveraging the Digital Twin of your Data Center, operating as your Data Center Smart Hands. Unlike traditional tools, DC Vision - their own Augmented Reality product, can instantly pinpoint any infrastructure mismatch with the highest degree of accuracy and verified by real line-of-sight data, using sophisticated AI engine. Intelligent frontends are ineffective without intelligent backends; so the company works with the market-leading DCIM providers for these purposes.