IoT Business Trends 2018

Date 2018/07/05 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM time ics/ical Download the ics/ical
Location Wirtschaftsclub DĂŒsseldorf Blumenstraße 14 40212 DĂŒsseldorf

The interconnectedness of the world is evolving - Are we still safe?

We are facing a revolution! In three to five years, our lives will be completely transformed due to the Internet of Things!


Under this motto, this year we will focus on the field of IoT. Employing use cases from various industries and in a panel discussion on the topic of "Security and data protection vs. business models", we will discuss the implications of the new guidelines for business models.

Some key questions need to be answered: What impact does the Internet of Things have on business models and our daily work, today and in the near future? How well protected are companies, organizations and users? What influence does the Internet of Things have on us personally and on the business models of companies? How can we stay in control? How can we ensure network security?

On July 5, 2018, IoT Business Trends 2018 will bring together all those who would like to share their views, experiences and best practices. eco's "Internet of Things" Competence Group cordially invites you to exchange ideas with industry experts and to contribute important ideas to the development of the IoT.

We have chosen the Wirtschaftsclub DĂŒsseldorf as our location, as we did last year.


On the agenda, we will address the key IoT topic "Security and data protection vs. business models". Is it really the case that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a deal breaker? What concrete recommendations for action arise from this for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as for the Internet industry? The full potential of Smart Home, Connected Mobility and Industrial IoT can only unfold if a compromise is reached.

    • 5.30 p.m.
    • Welcome Drinks
    • 6 p.m.
    • The IoT Business Trends will be opened by the hosts of the evening
      • - Dr. Bettina Horster, Director of Internet of Things at eco - Association of the Internet Industry & Board Member at VIVAI Software AG
      • - Thorsten Stuke, Expert on Mobility at eco - Association of the Internet Industry, and Chief Executive Director at m2m-tailors
    • 6.05 p.m.
    • Welcome
      • - Marion Hörsken, Chief Executive Director at IHK DĂŒsseldorf
      • - Markus Schaffrin, Head of Member Services at eco - Association of the Internet Industry
    • 6.15 p.m.
    • IoT Business Trends 2018
      • - Tops/ flops and lame ducks
      • - Review and Outlook - Why IoT is a market for everyone!

      Dr. Bettina Horster

    • 6.30 p.m.
    • Use Case I: Predictive Maintenance

      Maintenance 4.0 - Digital Twin in Facility Management

      • - Data as a competitive advantage
      • - Building blocks and ecosystem of the Digital Twin
      • - IoT safety aspects

      Dr. Bernhard Kirchmair, Chief Digital Officer at VINCI Energies Germany

    • 6.50 p.m.
    • Use Case II: Mobility

      Mobility is becoming network-relevant - where is the security benefit?

      Klaus Burgstaller, Business Development at TomTom N.V

    • 7.10 p.m.
    • Use Case III: Smart City

      Digitalization of parking - the first step towards the Smart City

      Drivers waste on average more than 100 hours a year in traffic jams, of which more than 3 hours are spent looking for a parking space! By digitizing the parking ecosystem, EasyPark is helping more than 700 cities in Europe to solve this problem.

      Maurus Tobias Haefliger, Country Manager Switzerland & Product Owner Parking Guidance at Easypark GmbH

    • 7.30 p.m.
    • Keynote Speech: Privacy as IoT killer?

      While SMEs are still thinking about how to design their websites to comply with data protection regulations, dark clouds are gathering over IoT service providers. How can consents still be legally obtained in future, and how should the extensive data protection information be transmitted; and what chaos has the GDPR actually caused to German SMEs?

      A keynote by Christian Solmecke, IT lawyer at WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE.

    • 7.50 p.m.
    • Panel Discussion (for participants see below)
      • - Security and data protection vs. business models - a contradiction?
      • - Opportunities: Is the new GDPR really a deal breaker?
      • - Building and operating secure network infrastructures - what needs to be done?
      • - What are the different requirements of the industries?
      • - Innovation: What do I have to consider when introducing AI?
      • - Recommendations for maximum security and economic success
    • 8.30 p.m.
    • Conclusion

      Networking with finger food and drinks


    Dr. Bettina Horster
    Dr. Bettina Horster

    Board Member at VIVAI Software AG & Director of IoT at eco

    Presenter & Panelist

    Thorsten Stuke
    Thorsten Stuke

    Expert on Mobility at eco & Chief Executive Director at M2M Tailors

    Presenter & Panelist

    Dr. Bernhard Kirchmair
    Dr. Bernhard Kirchmair

    Chief Digital Officer at VINCI Energies Deutschland

    Speaker & Panelist

    Maurus Tobias Haefliger
    Maurus Tobias Haefliger

    Country Manager Switzerland & Product Owner Parking Guidance at
    Easypark GmbH


    Christian Solmecke, LL.M.
    Christian Solmecke, LL.M.


    Speaker & Panelist

    Bodo Körber
    Bodo Körber

    Partner McKinsey & Company


    Olaf Pursche
    Olaf Pursche

    Chief Communications Officer at AV-Test GmbH



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    Tobias Knoben
    Tobias Knoben

    Project Manager: Internet of Things

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