Congratulations from our network

The eco Complaints Office works in tandem with a broad national and international network and has numerous partners in business and society, as well as extensive support from policymakers. Here’s a selection of congratulatory comments on our 25th anniversary

25 Years eco Complaints Office 12

“Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! I am pleased that you have been fighting for so long and so persistently against hate on the Internet, including for the rights of users. The Internet is a place that enables us to create knowledge and transparency, to exchange ideas and form opinions. But it is also a place that some people exploit in an orchestrated and organized manner for hate purposes. Let’s keep fighting together to achieve a solid legal framework for this.”

Renate Künast

Member of the German Bundestag, Bündnis90/The Greens

“The Internet offers an incredible amount of opportunities for our digital society. It brings people together, it connects people, and of course it offers numerous opportunities for shared communication and shared experiences. More and more of real life is shifting to the Internet – whether it’s to do with business, with shopping, and especially when it comes to communication. Maintaining that wealth of information and communication opportunities, but also the economic opportunities, is of the utmost importance.”

Tankred Schipanski

Spokesperson on Digital Affairs for the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group

“Each day sees all of us benefit from the positive aspects of the Internet. Unfortunately, however, the Internet is also being exploited for abusive purposes. For 25 years now, the eco Complaints Office has been combatting illegal content hand-in-hand with its partners. I would particularly like to thank the team members who investigate the numerous complaints every day; to thank them for the tough work that they undertake for the good of the Internet: work which is often difficult to endure, but which is so important!”

Thomas Jarzombek

Commissioner of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for the Digital Economy and Start-ups


“For so many people, the Internet has become a place of hope, a refuge, a place of communication and social exchange. But of course we also recognize the dangers of the Internet: cybergrooming, cyberbullying, disinformation campaigns, filter bubbles, hate speech and incitement. And it goes without saying that we want to tackle this. For this reason, in recent years, as we have become more and more active on the Internet, mechanisms have been developed to combat these negative tendencies, to counteract them. And of course the eco Complaints Office plays a very important role here. A heartfelt thank you for the invaluable work over all these years!”

Nadine Schön

Deputy Chair of CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group in Bundestag

“When it comes down to politics and business, but also to society as a whole – meaning each and every user: we all shoulder joint responsibility for ensuring well-being on the Internet and interacting with each other fairly, democratically and legally. That is why the anniversary motto of the eco Complaints Office could not be more fitting: Together for the Good of the Internet.”

Dorothee Bär

Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery and Federal Government Commissioner for Digitalization

“The Internet creates numerous opportunities, one of which is to discuss politics. We can contribute ideas, inform ourselves, argue, speak our minds. However, freedom of expression reaches its limits when an ‘expression’ defames, incites, sows hatred, or propagates false information. The fight against illegal Internet content is a task for society as a whole. The eco Complaints Office has stood as a model for this – for 25 years now.”

Lars Klingbeil

Member of the German Bundestag, SPD General Secretary


“The online environment is complex and diverse with users from many cultures, countries and languages. It is therefore important that all stakeholders cooperate and use common standards and protocols. We need to think about safety by design. A new approach that ensures the incorporation of safe practises, reporting systems and other elements are built into technologies from day one. Let’s get ahead of the changing digital world so that we can deliver positive, better and safer experiences online today and in the future.”

Denton Howard

Executive Director, INHOPE

“At no time have topics such as sovereignty, transparency and the responsible handling of data become as important as they are today. Europe offers attractive IT solutions jointly and the ECO Association is one of the most important networks in this context. We congratulate the eco Complaints Office on its 25th anniversary and say: Keep it up - here's to the next 25 years!”

Falk Weinreich

General Manager Central Europe OVHcloud


“At IWF, just like eco, we’ve been working hard over the 25 years to create a better and safer internet. This is only possible by working in partnership with industry, civil society and the government. I’d like to congratulate eco for their work and we look forward to continuing to work with them in partnership over the next 25 years to create a better and safer internet for us all. ””

Chris Hughes

Hotline Director at IWF