The Gaia-X project is developing the foundation for building a networked, open data infrastructure based on European values. The networking of decentralized infrastructure services will result in a data infrastructure that will be merged into a homogeneous, user-friendly system in which data can be made available and shared in a secure and trustworthy manner.

For the start of concrete Gaia-X operations, the central Gaia-X Federation Services are required in order to establish Gaia-X Ecosystems based on them and to enable the coordinated provisioning of Infrastructure Services, Interconnection Services and Dataspace Services.

The following core components are required for this:

  • Identity & Trust
  • Federated Catalogue
  • Sovereign Data Exchange
  • Compliance

In addition, there is an integration layer that provides access to the federation services and their interaction. It also provides exemplary methods for service orchestration and provides a requirements description for the respective service providers. The Federation Service Integration & Portal layer includes:

  • Registration procedure
  • Gaia-X Service UI and Workflow Engine
  • Orchestration procedures (Infrastructure, Interconnection, Dataspaces)
  • Interface services for external connections

Partner companies are now being selected for the technical implementation of Federation Services as part of a funded project. Find out more about how to apply soon.