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German Blanket Data Retention Not Compliant with EU Law: eco-Supported Lawsuit Wins

  • Important signal set for the entire Internet industry: “The German federal government must react now”
  • SpaceNet AG: Blanket data retention is the wrong instrument for fighting crime
  • Administrative Court of Cologne decides: Blanket data retention infringes fundamental European rights

 German blanket data retention is not compliant with European Union law. This is the decision which has been reached by the Administrative Court of Cologne. Supported by eco – Association of the Internet Industry, the Internet provider SpaceNet filed a suit (Ref. 9 K 3859/16) in April 2016, the aim of which was to achieve a landmark decision which would finally put a halt to the blanket retention of data. The decision of the Administrative Court of Cologne is of central consequence for the Internet and telecommunications companies concerned. Continue reading

eco Presents Position Paper on WLAN Third Party Liability

Create balanced legal certainty, avoid unnecessary legislative intervention

The government fractions in the German Federal Parliament applied in March this year for an improvement in the conditions for the spread of local wireless networks. In the Position Paper on the theme published today, eco presents the points which, in the eyes of the German Internet industry, should be taken into account in concrete draft legislation. Continue reading

eco Presents Position Paper on Blanket Data Retention

  • Association of the German Internet Industry calls for: the abandonment of blanket data retention, and the creation of trust
  • No national interim solutions
  • Avoid disproportionate burden for companies

With the European Court of Justice judgment on 8 April 2014, which declared the European Data Retention Directive invalid, the ideal time has now come to re-assess and re-think blanket data retention. In Berlin today, eco – Association of the German Internet Industry presented a Position Paper on the issue, which calls for the German Federal Government, above all, to make a fundamental re-appraisal of blanket data retention. Continue reading