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Avalanche Botnet Continues to Make Online Banking Unsafe

• Banking Trojans are still installed on thousands of computers in Germany
• Many users ignore warnings of their Internet providers
• Numerous Android smartphones are still affected

Many PCs and smartphones in Germany are still infected with malicious software which was distributed through the Avalanche botnet. “Most users are still ignoring the warning instructions of their Internet providers to check their end-user devices,” says Peter Meyer, Botfrei Project Manager, a service of eco - Association of the Internet Industry. “In particular, the banking Trojan which has infected hundred thousand PCs in Germany thanks to the Avalanche botnet remains a serious threat.” The malicious programs provide cybercriminals with full access to banking accounts, which enable them to carry out money transfers. Continue reading

eco Association: From Risk to Human Safety Factor

  • Corporate culture is fundamental for a holistic IT security approach
  • In so-called “CEO fraud” cyber criminals exploit the helpfulness, curiosity, and anxiety of their victims

In terms of IT security, many medium-sized enterprises still rely too heavily on purely technical solutions. In particular, the human factor is underestimated by many companies when doing risk assessment. Employees frequently facilitate successful cyber attacks by clicking, for instance, on web links or attachments of suspicious e-mails, thus opening doors to harmful malware such as blackmail Trojans. “Notably, smaller enterprises neglect to pursue a comprehensive IT security approach, and to cultivate a corporate culture that sensitizes employees towards the threat situation,” Oliver Dehning, Head of the Competence Group Security at eco – Association of the Internet Industry, says. Continue reading

eco Association: The IT Security Trends for 2017

  • IT Security in cars
  • Crypto viruses
  • Attacks from the Internet of Things
  • CEO fraud
  • EU-US Privacy Shield

IT security in cars, crypto viruses, attacks from the Internet of Things, CEO fraud and EU-US Privacy Shield – these are the core topics for IT Security in 2017, according to eco – Association of the Internet Industry. Continue reading

What To Do About Smart Home Hacks

  • Mass deactivation of private photovoltaic systems may cause instability in the power grid
  • Hackers using IoT (Internet of Things) search engines to find potential vulnerabilities
  • eco Association recommends secure retrofitting of older Smart Home systems

The potential gateways for harmful manipulation grow with the digitalization of our entire economy. Smart Home systems, in particular, frequently only fulfill low security standards. In this way, lights in homes can be switched on, roller shutters can be opened and closed, and private solar panels can be deactivated without a great deal of effort and with tools freely available in the Internet. This was demonstrated by Marco Di Filippo in the workshop “Lights out, curtains open, stage set! Smart Home Hacking” at the Internet Security Days in Brühl, near Cologne, in September 2016. Continue reading

The Saturday Clean: You, Your Passwords and Being Watched

Grab a coffee, take your mind off current events and do a bit of light reading this Saturday morning:

You, Your Passwords and Being Watched

The Saturday Clean is our fortnightly column with links to IT Security news, selected by the Botfrei team for your weekend reading pleasure.


  1. Brain waves can be used to detect potentially harmful personal information 
  2. Secure passwords can be sent through your body, instead of air
  3. Typing while Skyping could compromise privacy
  4. DDoS attacks bring down heating system for two buildings in small Finnish town
  5. IoT worm can be mounted on cars, drones to take over entire smart cities
  6. China passes new cybersecurity law that grants government the power to shut down the internet at will
  7. Lauri Love: the student accused of hacking the US
  8. Social media based surveillance: “Friends, Followers, Police Officers, and Enemies: Social Surveillance in Thailand
  9. Some good news: Cyber-criminals facing justice
  10. Turning to the dark side: Employing reformed black-hat hackers