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Photo of Harald Summa, sw, 300 dpi

Germany and France Must Drive Digital Transformation in Europe

On today‘s German/French Conference on the Digitalization of the Economy, Harald Summa, CEO of eco – Association of the Internet Industry e.V, says:

"The action plan that the German Young Digital Economy Advisory Board (Beirat Junge Digitale Wirtschaft) has put forward jointly with the French Digital Council (Conseil National du Numérique), formulates clear recommendations for action for German/French digital policy. Two points are especially important from my perspective: Firstly, the internationalization of European digital companies, and secondly, the development of fair conditions for competition. Continue reading

Five Questions on State Surveillance: Klaus Landefeld

We asked Klaus Landefeld, eco Director for Infrastructure & Networks, five questions on the digital policy topic of the month: State Surveillance.

1.) Mr. Landefeld, how important are fundamental principles like freedom and openness for the Internet?

We claim that we are living in a free democratic basic order, in which privacy, the right to express our opinions, the rejection of censorship, and similar civil rights are seen as self-evident.

These principles should also apply to the Internet as a medium of communication: The safeguarding of the open Internet supports the freedom of information and opinion and guarantees diversity with regard to social concerns. Continue reading

State Surveillance Damaging Digitalization

  • Majority of Germans fear surveillance by secret services in the Internet
  • eco calls for the limitation of authority of secret services and the abolition – again – of blanket data retention
  • Digitalization as German federal election campaign topic: eco starts new topic series and website
  • Online: Interview with Klaus Landefeld on surveillance

The trust in digital services has been – in particular through the revelations by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden – enduringly shaken. 61 percent of Germans see their personal data in the Internet as not sufficiently protected against access by secret services, according to a representative survey carried out by market research institute YouGov on behalf of eco – Association of the Internet Industry e. V. in November 2016. Continue reading

New Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in Force

From 1 October 2016 on, new rules apply to youth media protection in Germany. After prolonged discussions, the Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Human Dignity and the Protection of Minors in Broadcasting and in Telemedia (JMStV) has been overhauled. The state parliaments have given their consent and the new JMStV, which is part of the 19th Amendment to the Interstate Broadcasting Treaties, is now in force. Continue reading