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The Journey of a Data Packet

How does the message we type get transmitted to its recipient? It’s all about routers, fiber, and the light in the fibers, as Wolfgang Tremmel, Head of the DE-CIX Academy, tells dotmagazine in interview.

Wolfgang Tremmel takes us on a journey as the light in the fibers - how a data packet is transformed into energy, routed through networks, authenticated, and delivered to the recipient. Watch the video or read the interview on dotmagazine.

eco Association: Names & Numbers Steering Committee Starts Its Work

  • eco Association established expert committee to represent the interests of the sector

  • Support and feedback on cross-border association work

An international steering committee will, effective immediately, support the work of the working group Names & Numbers in eco – Association of the Internet Industry. The 16 representatives of all areas of the domains sector represent the sector globally. They include, for example, experts from Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs), traditional and new Generic Top-Level Domains (legacy and new gTLDs), as well as registrars, technical service providers, consultants, and secondary market operators. Continue reading

Cyber Attack WannaCry: German Federal Govt Should Implement Cyber Security Strategy

On the current debates in connection with the cyber attack “WannaCry” last weekend, Prof. Norbert Pohlmann, eco Director for IT Security, says:

“The calls from German ministries and parties for legislative measures are too short-sighted and offer no solution. What we need instead is consistent IT security management – on the part of the state, as well as companies and private households. This also means a clear rejection of so-called ZeroDay Exploits. As long as secret services and security agencies like the NSA and the BND do not report existing vulnerabilities to vendors, but instead use them to spy on citizens, cyber attacks that could easily be prevented will continue to occur.

In addition, IT security needs to be given strategic relevance in companies. With increasing digitalization and interconnection, IT security is no longer a “nice-to-have” for many business models, but a central requirement for successful business activities and sustainable digitalization – this is the case, regardless of the industry or the size of the company. A cyber security strategy that raises the sensitivity and awareness of citizens and companies for the topic is only of value if citizens, companies and the federal government work together.”

“The Domain Sector is Simply Fascinating”

A new committee has been established in eco: the eco Names & Numbers Forum Steering Committee has started its work. Thomas Rickert, eco Director for Names & Numbers, explains the role of the steering committee, and why domains are such an important topic for the largest Internet industry association.  Continue reading Update Your Systems Now and Prevent WannaCry and Friends

  • Automatic updates, backups and security software ensure secure IT systems

  • Replace old operating systems such as XP and Vista as soon as possible

Regular updates and well-maintained operating systems prevent possible corruption by ransomware such as WannaCry. Despite this, many businesses and private individuals are still using PCs with serious security vulnerabilities. “WannaCry has particularly affected Internet users and companies which have failed to install necessary updates in the last eight weeks,” says Peter Meyer, Project Manager for Botfree, a service from eco - Association of the Internet Industry. “Outdated Windows versions such as XP and Vista continue to be widespread, although no further security updates have been provided for several years now.” Continue reading