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HPC – Tackling Problems that are Just Not Solvable by Physical Methods

Testing, modelling, simulations – innovations in fields as disparate as blood circulation and aviation depend on high-powered computing applications to crunch the numbers and analyze the vast quantities of data produced in the development of new and better products.

Andy Long from Hydro66 talked to dotmagazine’s Judith Ellis about the exciting applications of high performance computing (HPC), data center requirements for HPC, and abundant green power.

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3D Printing: Rights to Data and IT Security in the Field of Additive Manufacturing

An exploration of the legal implications of copyright law for industrial 3D printing, and of the importance of IT security for Additive Manufacturing, by Klaus M. Brisch, LL.M. and Marco Müller-ter Jung, LL.M., DWF Germany

Additive manufacturing is way past the point of only being used for the construction of prototypes. The concept is also applied when manufacturing end products. In the context of 3D printing, this is accompanied by modified production processes, the usage of new raw materials, altered delivery, and performance relationships as well as innovative business concepts, leading to multiple legal questions.

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BREXIT Could Impede the Transfer of Personal Data

  • BREXIT will change the legal foundation for the exchange of personal data between Germany and Great Britain

  • Companies with locations in Great Britain should start preparing themselves now for a range of scenarios

BREXIT will change the legal conditions for the transfer of personal data between Great Britain and the EU states. Until now, the level of data protection of a Member State has been taken per se as sufficient, without any further examination. So data transfers within the European Union are handled in exactly the same legal manner as data transfers within Germany. Further assessment or special contractual structures, like those with the USA, are not required. Continue reading

EuroCloud Deutschland: The 10 Cloud Commandments for Companies

  • EuroCloud Deutschland_eco advises on 10 essential steps towards digital transformation
  • The EuroCloud Guidelines “Cloud Project Marketing” offers support in making company cloud projects a success

Digitalization is a holistic change process that will continue to be a focus for years to come. It involves becoming more flexible and developing agility, designing new work models and new processes of value creation, as well as providing market and customer-oriented services of all kinds. An essential foundation for all of these strategically important topics is cloud computing. “All of the promising concepts of new digital value creation can only work with the use of cloud computing,” says Andreas Weiss, Director of EuroCloud Deutschland_eco. He emphasizes that “Often, it is not initially about very big groundbreaking changes, but rather about equipping companies for the challenges of the coming years through a process of modernization.” For this process, it is important to take note of a few basic principles Continue reading

2017: The year of automation?

How will the robotic revolution impact on employment? How do software-driven approaches change productivity in manufacturing and how is automation changing the production landscape in 2017? Marco Comastri from CA Technologies looks at the risks and the potential of Industry 4.0

In my role as General Manager at CA Technologies EMEA, I’m fortunate enough to spend much of my time travelling. This puts me in contact with a lot of different people, both inside and outside the technology sector. But wherever I go, one word comes up again and again: automation.

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