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10 Years: eco Datacenter Expert Group

From Working Group to Expert Network – An Outlook on the Industry’s Future

The eco Datacenter Expert Group can now look back on ten extremely successful years. Established as the Datacenter Working Group on 8 November 2007 by Patrick Pulvermüller, SVP Head of GoDaddy EMEA, the committee set itself the goal of promoting an open and confidential exchange of information between data center operators, planners, and manufacturers.

On the occasion of its 10-year anniversary, we talked to initiator Patrick Pulvermüller and the two Competence Group leaders – Dr. Béla Waldhauser, CEO of Telehouse Deutschland, and Marc Wilkens, proRZ Rechenzentrumsbau GmbH – about the developments of recent years and asked about their prognosis for the future of the industry. Continue reading

How Daily Manager Games are Changing Sports Consumption

Daily Manager Games (aka ‘Daily Fantasy Sports’) have taken the U.S. by storm, making sports better for consumers and creating opportunities for media companies and professional leagues and teams to maximize the experience for sports fans around the globe. Now they’re taking over the world!

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YouGov Survey: Avert a Crisis in Care with Smart Assistance Systems

  • 72 percent of Germans would turn to smart home solutions in order to be able to live independently in their own homes for a longer period of time

  • For the majority of these, data protection is an important prerequisite

  • The project partnership Smart Service Power is meeting the challenges of an aging society with the help of digitalization

In order to be able to live independently for a longer period of time within their own four walls, 72 percent of Germans would avail of technical assistance systems. This is the finding of a representative survey conducted by eco – Association of the Internet Industry, alongside the market and opinion research institute YouGov*. “The crisis in care will not be resolved by robots, as often suggested, but rather to a large extent by technical assistance systems,” says Dr. Bettina Horster, CEO of VIVAI AG and Director of IoT at eco. Continue reading

"From the intelligent sock to digital cities, everything is technically possible."

Interview with Michael Sahnau, Microsoft Germany, on IoT and AI.

Michael is responsible for the area Digital Business Transformation (IoT) at Microsoft Germany. He can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the introduction of new innovative incubation approaches for information technology for companies like Siemens, Philips, and Microsoft.

On 23 November 2017, Mr. Sahnau will be presenting at the IoT Future Trends. Continue reading

Predictive Targeting Increases Competitiveness

  • Growing amounts of data confront many German companies with an impossible task, forcing them to squander their business potential

  • The targeted customer approach is an underestimated competitive factor, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Data should be used exclusively in the interests of the customer

Knowledge is power. When you know a lot about your customers, you can address them in a more targeted way. For example, shopping portals offer suitable product recommendations to customers, based on their purchasing behavior. Today, when surfing the Internet, interested customers are targeted on all websites. This type of predictive targeting reduces advertising wastage and is already well established in e-commerce. “In particular, large US providers have gained a competitive advantage by collecting and intelligently analyzing huge amounts of data from their customers,” says Dr. Torsten Schwarz, Head of Online Marketing at eco – Association of the Internet industry.

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