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“Blockchain could be a game changer”

With the newly-founded eco Competence Group Blockchain, the association is focussing on an important technology. The group is led by the lawyer Stephan Zimprich. We spoke to him in a short interview about the importance of the topic, the plans of the association, and on his own evaluation. Continue reading

Social Engineering with Cloned Facebook Profiles

Warning from the team about invitations to cloned Facebook profiles, which criminals are using to try to get access to the contact details of friends.

The trick works by criminals generating copies of existing Facebook profiles and through this getting access to photos and profile details of the real account. Following this, the “interesting” contacts of the real profile owner are investigated and a new invitation to connect is sent to them. Many users accept such invitations without hesitation, because they know the person. Almost as soon as the invitation has been accepted, a personal message arrives by Facebook Messenger, to say that your friend has lost his/her own access details and all details of their contacts. The informal message now asks friends to provide their telephone numbers. Continue reading

eco Publishes Position on the NIS Directive Implementation Law

On the occasion of the association hearing on the NIS Directive Implementation Law carried out by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), eco has published a position paper on the draft legislation (in German). With the implementation law, the European directive “concerning measures for a high common level of security of network and information systems” is to be put into practice in Germany. According to the draft law, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) will receive new powers regarding requests for information from operators of so-called digital services, and these operators will be obligated to report significant IT security incidents. The BSI is also in future to have the power to obligate the producers of IT systems to collaborate in the elimination of disruptions and vulnerabilities. The specific requirements that companies are to fulfill in future will, according to the draft law, be regulated in a separate regulation from the BMI. eco sees the urgent need for improvement: The draft law in its current form does not represent a solid foundation for the implementation of the NIS Directive.

WorldHostingDays and eco Association in cooperation

• eco – Association of the Internet Industry e.V. supports 2017 with events on network policy and the domain industry
• Association members benefit as 2017 exhibitors and visitors
• eco given seat in the WorldHostingDays Content Advisory Board

The next 2017 from 25 to 31 March 2017 in Europa-Park Rust will be supported by eco – Association of the Internet Industry e.V. with numerous new events. The WorldHostingDays (WHD) and eco have thus taken their longstanding cooperation to a new level. The association will encourage interaction between politics and the industry in a high-ranking panel discussion on the topic of network policy, and in the planned Meet & Greet with political representatives on location at their own booth. eco Will also expand the breadth of content for the approx. 6,000 participants in 2017 with a one-day “conference within the conference” on domains. Continue reading

Internet Governance Forum 2016: eco Welcomes Support of the Multi-Stakeholder Process

From 6 to 9 December 2016, the 11th Internet Governance Forum (IGF) took place in Zapopan (Mexico), with around 3,000 participants. Current questions on the topic of Internet governance, Internet administration, security and surveillance were taken up within the discussion platform, which was composed of representatives of national governments, companies and NGOs, as well as participants from the civil society. Continue reading