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Millions in Fines Loom for Unlawful Email Marketing

New updated edition of the eco Directive for Permissible Email Marketing

It’s not going to get easier for email marketers in the future: When, from May 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect, the fines for illegal marketing measures and data protection infringements could increase drastically – heading up towards 20 million Euro for an individual case. Added to this are further legal foundations and a swathe of case law that need to be taken into account.

The recently published sixth edition of the eco Directive for Permissible Email Marketing offers an overview of this legal labyrinth. Developed in collaboration with the Certified Senders Alliance, the directive explains the new legal requirements, gives tips for practical implementation, and provides many practical examples. Continue reading

CSA: 12 Tips to Ensure Your Christmas Mailshot Arrives

Legal and technical requirements for advertising emails

Ideally, advertising emails will reach the right customer, who is happy to receive it and carries out a desired interaction. However, a few legal and technical hurdles have to be overcome before that happens. The experts at the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) have put together twelve compact tips to ensure delivery and to protect you from any legal fall-out.

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Smartwatch Threatens Classic Email Marketing

  • Extensive changes: Intelligent, connected watches no longer display graphic design in emails, only text – for sender and subject line there are a mere 16 characters available
  • Dr. Torsten Schwarz, Leader of the eco Competence Group Online Marketing: “Content Marketing and the simplicity of texts are becoming obligatory”

The Smartwatch is taking the world by storm – analysts estimate this year for the Apple Watch alone between 10 and 60 million products sold. The threat to classic email marketing is growing with the increasing importance of the intelligent, connected watches, in the eyes of the eco Association. According to Dr. Torsten Schwarz, Leader of the eco Competence Group Online Marketing, “Lots of Smartwatches no longer display the elaborately designed HTML emails, but only the associated text.” In addition, sender and subject line are drastically shortened, leaving a mere 16 characters visible. But the Online Marketing expert emphasizes also the positive aspects: “The 16 characters force the writer to keep it short and sweet.” Continue reading

“The CSA Sets Quality Standards in E-Mail Marketing“

In the lead-up to the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) Summit, we spoke to Julia Jansen-Holldiek, Manager of Business Development and ISP Relations. In interview, she reports on news from the CSA, the challenges for service providers, and the unbroken trend of e-mail marketing.

Ms. Jansen-Holldiek, who is the CSA Summit aimed at?

The CSA Summit addresses anyone who wants to find out more about quality and current developments in mass mailing. In particular, our content is interesting for

  • Online Marketing Managers
  • General Managers, Sales Managers and Deliverability experts at e-mail service providers
  • Email security staff at ISPs and technology partners
  • Agencies that consult on the topic e-mail marketing

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