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27 March 2017 – Hotel El Andaluz, 10:00 PM

The day is just not long enough! One of the most popular features at has become the nightTALKs.

Where Your Next Billion Customers Will Come From

There’s one roadblock that keeps the next billion cloud and hosting companies from beating down your door – and it’s you. Your systems need to be brought up to speed with today’s DNS, which is diverse and multi-lingual.

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ICANN and UASG Publish Results of Universal Acceptance Study for New gTLDs

ICANN has published a new study in cooperation with the Universal Acceptance Steering Committee: An Analysis of New gTLD Universal Acceptance. “Universal Acceptance” has to do with the objective of removing all technical obstacles which prevent end-users accessing web addresses with the new Top-Level Domains, regardless of the web browser, email client, Internet application, computer or device being used. The study, undertaken with the support of ICANN, can be downloaded here. Continue reading

How are the German Based Geographic gTLDs Fairing?

German based gTLDs and their activity – Volume 1

Now that the New gTLD Program has been active for over a year, there have been 45 Geographic gTLDs delegated in the root by ICANN. 34 of these are “City” designated gTLDs with nine more classified as “Regions”. DotBERLIN leads the way in total second-level domain (SLD) names according to the zonefile with over 150.000 registrations.

Mentioned previously in the domain industry as to the high total, many .berlin names were offered to Registrants for free through varying promotions. eco holds no opinion as to this promotional tactic other than to note that it explains how it contains more registrations than other geographic strings. Rounding out a top three, the next largest geographic gTLDs in terms of zonefile counts are .nyc and .london at 75,000 and 59,000 respectively. While total registrations do not provide a complete measure of successes, it is still an important indicator. Updated daily charts of the top five Geographic gTLDs can be found on our dashboard page, which track pre-2012 and post-2012 gTLDs activity. Total geographic names registered week ending 25 April 2015 was just above 573.000 or almost 12% of all New gTLDs registered. So, where do the German based geographic names compare against the others?

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