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“Just start!”

The recent eco report M2M – Future Trends 2015 has identified big challenges for the spread of the technology. Although the automatic exchange of information between devices offers a range of advantages, there is above all a lack of trust. Dr. Bettina Horster, eco Director for Mobile, explains in interview the background and shows possible paths to solutions. Continue reading

dmexco Trends 2014: If You Don’t Get Into Mobile, You’ve Already Lost

  • Marketing industry reacting too slowly to mobile revolution: eco experts Dr. Bettina Horster and Dr. Torsten Schwarz see a Germany-wide need to catch up
  • According to flash survey from eco on Online Marketing Trends on the occasion of dmexco 2014, only one third of digital company content is optimized for mobile; Responsive Design is not used sufficiently

Smartphones and tablets are the driving force behind a new Internet revolution: Mobile devices have fundamentally changed user behavior and the perception of brands and marketing. And yet, on the occasion of dmexco 2014, eco - Association of the German Internet Industry warns: The marketing industry is reacting too slowly to the massive transformation – many concepts and technical solutions are still stuck in the era of the desktop PC. Continue reading

eco: Industry Without Orientation for Industry 4.0

Dr. Bettina Horster: “Many companies are simply over-challenged by Industry 4.0”

The handling of Industry 4.0 by German industry is largely characterized by a lack of orientation and an inability to meet the challenge. This is the core finding of a recent survey of experts by eco – Association of the German Internet Industry e. V.. 85 percent of the specialists surveyed by eco are convinced that most companies in Germany have no clear idea of what Industry 4.0 actually is, and what form it will take. 94 percent of the experts see German industry as simply over-challenged by the interconnection of hardware, software and telecommunications required by Industry 4.0. Continue reading

eco: Mobile Booming Despite Lame Ducks

Dr. Bettina Horster: “Mobile Communication is pure emotion”

eco – Association of the German Internet Industry e. V. ( bears witness to the failure of numerous supposed trends in mobile communication. “Many mobile hyper-trends have turned out to be non-starters,” explains Dr. Bettina Horster, Board Member of Vivai Software AG and Director of Mobile in eco. On the association’s flop-list are mobile payment, mobile advertising, new mobile device categories like watches and glasses with Internet connections (smart watches, smart glasses), the control of domestic appliances using the smartphone (smart home), security against surveillance and virus protection of mobile devices, as well as business models for Machine-to-Machine Communication (M2M). “It can not be ruled out, however, that some of the trends that have been pronounced dead will rise again like a phoenix from the ashes,” concedes the mobile specialist from the eco Association. Continue reading

Smart Home Trends: What Happens When You Change Phones?

  • eco calls for cross-sector solutions to ensure long-term security, compatibility and effective processes in the networked home
  • Presentation by Dr. Bettina Horster, Director of Mobile in the eco Association, at the M-Days in Frankfurt on 13 May at 12:30: “M2M – from Hyper-trend to Business Model”
  • Interviews With Dr. Bettina Horster can be organized by contacting

The networked home is gaining ground in the mass market, as a result of inexpensive introductory systems, new transfer technologies and the victory parade of smartphones and tablets. However, for the occasion of M-Days on 13 and 14 May in Frankfurt, eco – Association of the German Internet Industry e.V. points to often-underestimated pitfalls in the set up of the personal Smart Home. Continue reading