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WAN Optimization Chart

Bandwidth Optimization Solutions: from Uncommon to Standard Practice

By the year 2014 every type of packet traversing Wide Area Networks and open Internet will be using some sort of transport encapsulation and for good reason.

To define encapsulation – it is a proprietary method of packet shaping that makes it possible to enhance transport security, reduce the payload footprint and enhance the transmission performance in various ways, defined by the specific vendor that creates the encapsulation mechanism. One of the most advanced encapsulation techniques has turned into a technological suite called WAN Optimization.

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ITU International Telecommunications Union Logo

More Transparency For ITU Documents: Is it Enough?

The International Telecommunications Union's governing body has agreed to make some of its documents publicly available and provide more transparency.

ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Touré noted during ITU's annual session in Geneva that 'the world is changing, in large part thanks to the growth in telecommunications facilitated by the ITU, and we need to adapt to that changing world. As we have always done since our foundation in 1865.'

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4th IPv6 Congress 2012

There is no way around IPv6

Report from the Fourth IPv6 Conference

Data protection, privacy, and migration were the most discussed topics at the fourth IPv6 Congress held 10 and 11 May 2012 in Frankfurt. Leading IT experts met to discuss the implications of the introduction of the new standard Internet Protocol Version, IPv6.

Although the development of IPv6 began as early as 1996 and IP addresses, based on the old standard IPv4, have now run out, the new IPv6 standard - with its 340 sextillion addresses -  is yet to been widely adopted. Worldwide, only 4.78% of data traffic is based on IPv6. Germany is lagging behind with a 0.2% ratio.

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