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European Companies Risk Success in China Through Slow Websites

Alex Nam explains the findings of a Survey by CDNetworks showing the enormous potential and brand image that European organizations are losing due to bad loading times in China, and offers advice for getting the company website functioning behind the Great Firewall of China.

The majority of European companies cannot take advantage of the enormous business potential in the Chinese market, since the load times of their online presences are simply too slow.
Already the world's highest, the number of Internet users in China reached 731 million in December 2016 – a figure that nearly equals the population of Europe and is more than double the US population. Read more on dotmagazine

Anycast: The State-of-the-Art Technology to Secure Your Online Presence

So you have done everything to protect your online presence: You have redundant web servers, firewalls, DDoS protection in a high security data center, and much more. But… have you also considered your domain name server? If not, this could be your single point of failure, Klaus Darilion from explains.

Nowadays an enormous part of business success depends upon the availability of the Internet. All relevant services, such as web, e-mail, FTP and media servers, are accessed via the Domain Name System (DNS) by people typing in the domain names of these servers. This is why the DNS has to be extremely robust and fail-proof and should be an essential part of a company’s security strategy. Read more on dotmagazine

Reestablishing Communications When Disaster Strikes

When natural disasters strike, crisis zones need communications to coordinate rescue activities. But exactly this infrastructure may be down in an emergency. Gerhard Betscheider from SES Techcom Services explains the life-saving work of around the world.

Rapid disaster response via satellite

When a natural disaster strikes, one of the most immediate concerns is establishing a reliable means of communication for disaster agencies, government organizations, and emergency services to co-ordinate the help needed to bring relief to impacted areas. Up-to-the-minute information is also vital for those seeking rescue, while many people will also be looking to establish contact with loved ones and relatives. Read more on dotmagazine

Information and Energy and the Growth of the Digital Economy

How can we build the digital society of the future? How does connectivity influence economic growth and the employment market? And what investments need to be made today to enable the transformation of tomorrow’s business world?

Internet industry specialist and strategy and management consultant Gerd Simon talks to dotmagazine about the economic impact of connectivity, getting the next billion online, and the road to digital transformation.

Find the audio and text interview here.