Email Marketing Without Breaking the Law: Consent, Honesty and Transparency are Key

Massive fines are looming for email marketers that disrespect EU data protection law. Rosa Hafezi, Attorney at eco’s Certified Senders Alliance, explains how senders of email marketing can avoid the traps and keep their bank balance and reputation in good order.

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (for more on the GDPR, see the interview with Dr. Katharina Küchler) coming into force in 2018, now is the time for email marketers to take stock and look critically at their email design, content and processes. These aspects always have been important and always will be, but with the GDPR the fines for infringements will skyrocket. In the past, some companies have not taken much notice of data protection laws, because they felt they could disregard a fine of a few thousand Euros. But they are more likely to care when sanctions go into the millions.

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