Protecting Your Good Name

Trademarking, and the quiet revolution in domain names

Imagine being told you can no longer use the name your business has been trading under for years. Someone else has protected the rights, and you have no recourse. Trademarking is a topic which many businesses – especially small and medium-sized companies – tend to ignore until it’s too late. Patenting, trademarking, knowing what you can and can’t do, dealing with exploitative behavior and patent trolls. At the eco Congress in November in Cologne, eco member Rolf Claessen – chemist, nano-scientist, and patent attorney – will be telling us all about the potential and the pitfalls lurking in Intellectual Property law. Listen to Rolf giving a sneak preview of a few of the goodies awaiting visitors to the eco Congress, and providing timely advice on protecting your company’s interests.

Also in this podcast, the quiet revolution in Internet addressing is beginning to make its mark. Thomas Rickert, Leader of the Names and Numbers Competence Group in the eco Association, explains why the new generic Top-Level Domains, like .london or .horse will change the face of the Internet, and what the potential is for companies.

Added to this, eco member Alexander Hauser, from e3 Computing, talks about their energy efficient data center Solutions.
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